Struggling with your VMware Relationship?

What are your options?

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The Appcentric team is deeply committed to improving IT within our clients business.

We make it easier to derive maximum value from investment in the applications your business depends on.

Appcentric have a dedicated team and tooling focused on key application oriented services lines:

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Webinar: Alternate VMware options?

With the overall direction for VMware unclear, there have been many changes to licensing, the bundling of products and the nature of the partner community on which many VMware customers depend. In our webinar we explore your options.

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Whether it was the recent announcements from Broadcom, or you’ve just been considering your on-premises or private cloud hypervisor stack for a while, you might be thinking, what are my alternatives? Well, there are a few, all with pros and cons, so tune in and get the perspective of Appcentric.


We’re all about enterprise apps.  Assessment, modernisation, maintenance, migration and even new builds.

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