We Build Apps

We offer no-nonsense software development where you are in control.  You decide the scope, the budget and you are in control of when the project stops and starts.

We bring a tried and tested application stack to the table.  Built for the cloud its called Nimbus and is based on bullet proof technologies.

We work in the real world around competing needs and tight timeframes.

Our software development process is broken down into Drops a bit like sprints.  There’s a well worn path here, take a look and if it seems interesting reach out and get in touch.  We’d love to share more with you.

Vision Session

Business and Technical Stakeholder Questionnaire

  • What is the problem we are solving?
  • How many external systems are involved?
  • What are the security implications?
  • How many resources are needed internally?
  • What are the expected benefits?

A workshop to discuss and bring ideas to the table

  • Explain the whole development process.
  • Work through candidate approaches and solutions.
  • Understand what has gone before.
  • Understand where you see the pitfalls and problems.
  • Understand the real and hidden objectives.

A proposal to develop the next steps

  • A proposal to develop the next step along with the anticipated number of drops.
  • A description of the entire process from this point onwards.
  • A budget estimate with milestones.

Solution Scoping

Kick Off, Design and Presentation Workshops

  • What is the problem we are solving?
  • How many external systems are involved?
  • What are the security implications?
  • How many resources are needed internally?
  • What are the expected benefits?

Architecture and High-Level Design

  • Solution Architecture and candidate technologies.
  • Wire-frame user interfaces.
  • Data Model and Initial Design.
  • High-Level Technical Designs.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture and Design

Gather Requirements

  • Functional and Non-Functional Requirements.
  • Effort Estimates Captured and Validated.
  • Project arranged into features, stories and tasks.
  • External system context captured and understood.

Build a credible, executable plan

  • A credible technical plan and design which can be executed.
  • A budget and effort breakdown for each Feature Drop.

Proof of Value

Bootstrap Initial Environment

  • We build this in hours and we host it in our environment if necessary.
  • Setup initial database and administrative interface.
  • Build Skeleton Web, Mobile and Desktop apps as appropriate.
  • Get it up and running in hours if not days.
  • Smoke test the lot.

Rapid Build

  • AI Powered Software Development makes this part fast, accurate and easy.
  • We focus on getting it working to understand if it’s fit for purpose.

Play and change until we get what we want

  • Lots of show and tell to ensure we’re on the right track and everyone’s happy.
  • Learn quickly what the app needs to be and fed this back into the design and architecture.
  • Nothing is set in stone; we pivot around until we address the requirements.

Present findings and tune up the project

  • Present the proof of concept to stakeholders to build awareness and support.
  • Learn quickly whether we should keep going or stop here.
  • Validate our project, budget and estimates.
  • Proceed when we have appropriate buy in and funding.

Minimum Lovable Product

Deploy Production Environments

  • Production, UAT, testing and development environments get deployed in their final home, your cloud.
  • As-built documentation and automation tools for service providers to deploy.
  • Deploy Application Performance Monitoring, Logging and SIEM components.

Harden and secure the solution for confidence

  • Harden all entry points and integration points.
  • Integrate authentication with existing mechanisms.
  • Penetration testing and code scanning.
  • Integration with firewalls and security appliances.

Tune and Test the Solution before Deployment

  • Work through fine tuning and learnings from POV Feature Drop.
  • Build automated and user tests.
  • Execute testing and prepare pilot user groups.
  • Hold workshops with initial users.

Deploy, Handover, Observe and Learn

  • Once the MVP is built hand over the solution and work with you to observe its use.
  • Gather live telemetry on performance and usability.
  • Use this information to inform future enhancement drops.


Planning and Design Sessions

  • Work through the product backlog to flesh out features or enhance existing ones.
  • Schedule the Drop with the right activities and bring in the right resources.

Develop, release, test, repeat

  • Continue to leverage AI powered development to build more features faster
  • Automated deployment and testing is utilised and enhanced to allow continuous deployment to production.
  • Bring in new technologies out integrate with other tools through APIs or ETL.
  • Scale and monitor performance as appropriate to ensure continuous delivery.
  • Enhance end-user documentation to provide a better experience.

Deliver, Measure, Listen and Learn

  • Be sure to understand whether the nature of the original problem has changed as people learn more.
  • Listen to user feedback and collect this through the backlog.


We’re all about enterprise apps.  Assessment, modernisation, maintenance, migration and even new builds.

Reach out to use and we’ll work out how we can help.