FinOps – Building a Capability

Benefits of resourcing internally Vs. externally? I was recently at a conference during which I was asked, should a CXO hire a FinOps expert/team.  It was one of those questions that stayed with me, and like all good questions, over the past week it’s crept into my conscience a fair bit. I guess the best place to […]

FinOps – What’s the secret? Robust governance

At Appcentric we have helped many organisations with cloud financial management, so what’s the secret to success you might ask? Robust governance is fundamental when it comes to long term success. Whilst a blitz may work in the short term when faced with a crisis, firefighting is not a viable long term approach. Successful long […]

FinOps – Learnings from the field

Remember when everyone proclaimed ‘Move to the public cloud, its cheaper’? Well the truth is it can be, however, the absence of capacity constraints in conjunction with increasingly high levels of user autonomy mean that without evolved governance models your organisation could be faced with public cloud costs that quickly get out of control. Here […]

XZ-Utils/liblzma Backdoor, what to do?

What is happening? A recent discovery has revealed that a version of liblzma5, a popular open-source software library utilized in xz-utils (formerly LZMA Utils), may have been compromised with a sophisticated backdoor. This compromise potentially enables unauthorized remote access to systems or even remote code execution. XZ Utils, a collection of free software command-line lossless […]

AI Basics, approximate a sine wave with a NN

Today we are going to look at how to train a neural network that can approximate the same output as a sine wave function for example y = model(x) should be pretty close to predicting y = sin(x). The classic “hello world” of machine learning is generally using the MNIST dataset to train a model […]

VMWare vs Proxmox in enterprise

What is proxmox? Proxmox is an open-source virtualization platform that integrates virtual machines (VMs) and containers into a unified solution. It is Debian/Linux based, uses KVM and LXC as its underlying virtualization technologies and has a web based UI that is very similar in approach to VMware.  Using KVM Proxmox is able to run operaring […]

What does a post Broadcom VMware mean to you?

The Story So Far Broadcom announced it would buy VMware in May, 2022.  What followed was a whistle stop tour of various regulators ending with the Chinese giving their ascent to the deal.  Worth US$69bn, the deal closed in November, 2023.  It follows Broadcom acquisitions of Symantec and CA previously. Many assurances were sought on […]

Migration options when leaving VMware

Whether it was the recent announcements from Broadcom, or you’ve just been considering your on-premises or private cloud hypervisor stack for a while, you might be thinking, what are my alternatives?  Well, there are a few, all with pros and cons, so let me give you a whirlwind tour from the perspective of Appcentric. Stay on-prem with […]

Async, Python vs Javascript

In programming, async (short for asynchronous) refers to a method of executing tasks where actions can occur independently of the main program flow. Instead of waiting for each task to complete before moving on to the next, async allows the program to continue executing other tasks while waiting for certain operations, such as input/output or […]

Flutter for mobile app development

Mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives, with over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. As a result, there has been a significant increase in demand for mobile app development. There are two main approaches to mobile app development: In this blog, I’m going to talk about the leading cross-platform framework, Flutter, […]