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We’ll follow up with an email offering a free consultation to discuss this report.  This would complete Step 1 and you’re well on your way to a better understanding of the apps in your environment.


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Step 01

Rapid Assessment

Rapid Assessment – upload an RVTools file

  • Build initial model
  • Lightweight, express validation of application intentions


  • Initial high level business case deck

Step 02

Business Case and/or Migration Plan

Do you require a Business Case? Migration Plan? or both?

  • Current state financial modelling
  • Application portfolio modelling


  • Detailed report and scope of work for next steps

Step 03

Focused Analysis

Focused Analysis

  • Migration scheduling and planning
  • Identify application owners, testers and technical SMEs
  • Risk identification and mitigation


  • A board-ready business case backed up by a well thought out plan


We’re all about enterprise apps.  Assessment, modernisation, maintenance, migration and even new builds.

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